Women’s Fellowship

 The Women’s Fellowship of the Congregational Church of North Barnstead invites all women from the church and community to join us for fun, fellowship, and some fundraising in support of the church and those in need.  We share our bounty.

We meet once a month on a Thursday from 5-8 PM at a member’s home (different home every month).  We usually start the meeting around 5:30 and begin eating around 6:30.  The meetings are like most meetings: we have agendas, we have discussions; we agree on much and disagree on little.  We take minutes, and we send them out to remind each other of what we said.  We share our collective memory.

Dinner is always a treat.  Sometimes the host cooks and others bring side dishes.  Some hosts prefer to do everything (well, few of us prefer that, actually, but there are a couple who are very organized and enjoy it all!).  Sometimes we have brown-bags (bring your own sandwich and envy others), and sometimes we have pot luck.  We share our recipes.

If you’re not able to arrive at 5:00 or stay until 8:00, no matter!  Whenever you arrive, you’ll find us laughing and engaged in lively conversation—and happy to have you join in or sit back and listen. We share our blessings.

If you would like more information, contact Ethel McConaghy – 776-2881
email emc@metrocast.net

Clare Bolster – Co-President
Mary Ellen Siuduto -Co-President
Recording Secretary –    Cate Barraford
Corresponding Secretary – Barbara Moulton
Treasurers – Celia Barnes and Elaine Forst

Women alone are the backbone of society; women together can move mountains!